Music Analysis Resource Sheets – Triola Practise


This Rhythmic Resource Sheet is an aid for students and teachers to improve their aural perception of the quaver triplet (triola) rhythm. It supports the work done in the Progressive Musicianship Textbook.

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This Musicianship Resource Sheet is aimed at teachers wishing to differentiate in a classroom setting. As the audio stimulus is the same, it is possible to give out different levels of answer response sheets. These cater for students who are finding rhythms difficult right up to advanced students wishing to dictate both the melody and the rhythm.

Focussing on the rhythmic element triola (quaver triplet) this resource provides:

  1. Six rhythmic dictations (PDF) with graded answer sheets from blank rhythmic dictations to certain bars provided, rhythm provided for melodic dictation and blank melodic sections for written responses. The answer sheets are provided with and without the melody.
  2. A link to audio files provided at two different speeds
  3. A link to a video with ideas for preparing this rhythmic element
  4. The password file (TXT) for opening the above PDF

To gain the most from this resource:

  1. Print out the appropriate exercise for each student
  2. Either play the introductory video for students or prepare your own preparation activities using the suggested ideas or some of your own
  3. Complete the rhythmic dictations – I would not do more than a few at a time
  4. Reinforce the learning by reading the rhythms together in a variety of different ways, keeping the beat or the pulse at the same time as the rhythm

Publication: Progressive Musicianship: Volume I
Series: Resource Sheets
Product: Musicianship Resource Sheets
Date Published: June 2021
Version: 1.0
Downloadable Files: Teacher Sheet, including Student Answer Sheets (PDF), Password details (TXT)

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