Listening Beyond Hearing Publications

Music Analysis: Listening Beyond Hearing 5th Edition

  • The latest resource for the analysis of music by Jenny Gillan
  • Including sections on Melody, Rhythm, Tempo Revision, Tone Colour, Texture, Dynamics, Articulation, Harmony, Form, Comparison of Interpretation, Repetition, Variation, Contrast, and Quick-Fire Questions
  • Diverse musical examples, including Australian works
  • Sample analyses
  • Practice examination questions
  • Glossary of terminology and definitions
  • Activities to develop listening skills
  • Mnemonic aids for remembering musical elements
  • Compositions demonstrating different techniques of harmony and texture
  • Links to appropriate recordings

Teacher & Student – Print & eBook Editions available now


Progressive Musicianship: Listening Beyond Hearing Volume I – 2nd Edition

Mastering Aural Musicianship through developing high level aural skills promotes superior musical performance. Based on the Kodály method, this program will develop your ears in a way that will match your knowledge of music theory and literacy. Over many years of teaching, I have seen amazing improvement in students who have the world of Aural Musicianship opened up to them. They listen more, they perform more in tune, their timing is refined, and they are more confident!

Developing Aural Musicianship creates a dynamic connection between musicians and their music, bringing to life the notes on the page and the theoretical concepts behind them. Teaching Aural Musicianship continues to be the most rewarding part of my work as a Music Educator because of the benefit it has for students.

This resource is the fruit of many years’ experience and is designed to make teaching Aural Training and Music Theory meaningful, achievable and enjoyable.

Appropriate to Middle and High school students as well as undergraduates, it works as a two-part progressive program in itself and can also be used to complement the Music Analysis: Listening Beyond Hearing textbook.

Print & eBook Editions available now


Progressive Musicianship: Listening Beyond Hearing Volume II – 2nd Edition

Progressive Musicianship Volume II builds on Volume I exploring similar concepts at a more challenging level. It opens with pentatonic scales other than ‘do’ and ‘la’, (covered in Volume I,) and then moves onto more challenging Major and natural minor melodies. This volume introduces the harmonic and melodic minor scale, leading towards modal tonalities. Harmonically, primary triads in Major and minor keys are touched upon in simple progressions, finishing with the cadential 6-4 progression. Rhythmically, more extended syncopation is taught.

Print & eBook Editions available now


Other Listening Beyond Hearing Projects

Working on revision and analysis papers for downloading from the website. Watch this space!