2019 Music Performance Exam Sample Answers

2019 Music Performance Exam Sample Answers

My dear, dear students. Congratulations on getting beyond this exam!! I’m not kidding when I say warming up the VCASS class before this exam is one of my favourite teaching activities. There’s just a lovely energy – plus, you’re a great group of students so being with you before this means a lot to me. Thanks for trusting me and sharing part of your schooling experience with me.

This has totally been done under timed conditions as I have yard duty (not that we have an actual yard but it’s a state of mind!) and afternoon classes following that in a minute – I’m heading out tonight too so if it was going to be done it HAD To be now!

As a result, there WILL be mistakes!! Please please please PM me when you find mistakes. I would love to fix them.

It’s a real risk putting this out here as I’m sure anyone who teaches this subject is aware. Please give proper credit where appropriate and, if you’d like to give anything back, please let 2020 students and teachers know about the resources here and via our Facebook page.

I really hope you find this helpful.

2019 VCE Music Performance Exam Jenny Gillan Answers (PDF 1.5MB)