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  • Thanks to all who attended my 2017 presentation at the AMusE VCE Conference.  My notes can be seen below. Read more
  • It was great to network and share some robust discussion at the aMuse VCE Conference once more. Thank you to all who came and participated.   In my session we began but did not complete the guided listening sheet for tone colour in Iain Grandage’s, Travelling from ‘Remember Me’ Iain Grandage is an Australian composer so this work fits in with ... Read more
  • Guided Listening Worksheet 1 – Tenterfield Saddler Guided-Listening-Sheet-1-Tenterfield-Saddler (PDF – 49KB) This is a rhythmic focussed guided listening worksheet.  Peter Allan is an Australian composer/performer so the song fits in with the post 1910 guidelines.   Read more