2021 Music Performance Exam Sample Answers

2021 Music Performance Exam Sample Answers

My dear, dear students, especially those I hear who have been pressing refresh on my page every few minutes!!

It was wonderful to once again do warm up with VCASS students with the extra added privilege of being able to sing in person, albeit masked! The things we take for granted and the things we are so thankful for now. 

Congratulations on getting beyond this exam!!

I know I say this every year, but this response is under timed conditions. As a result, there WILL be mistakes!! Please please please PM me when you find mistakes. I would love to fix them.  I’m not so happy with all my links in the comparison question, but that’s what you get! 

It’s a real risk putting this out here as I’m sure anyone who teaches this subject is aware. Please give proper credit where appropriate and, if you’d like to give anything back, please let 2022 students and teachers know about the resources here and via our Facebook page.

I really hope you find this helpful.