Analysis Question with sample Response II Flash

Analysis Question with sample Response II Flash

The second sample response gratefully received.  Please keep ’em coming and thank you for taking the risk.  It’s a brave thing to do!

Listen to the first 1 min 35 seconds.

Question: How is character expressed in this work?


An overall energetic character is expressed in this work:


Jenn Gillan: Good choice of character word. Is the character the same throughout?


-The constant pulse creates a sense of suspense and excitement


Jenn Gillan: Is there something worth mentioning about tempo too? Both the speed and consistency of it?


-the ringing, bright tone colour of the xylophone adds to the energetic character

-the allegro tempo and the extensive use of various intervals add to this character


Jenn Gillan: Is ‘various intervals’ specific enough? What are you saying here? You need to expand.


-the limited use of range, evident at the beginning is often contrasted with moments of extensive use of range through various scalic runs, adding vibrancy and energy


Jenn Gillan: “Limited use of range” better phrased “narrow range” then “Wide range” rather than ‘use of’. In terms of scalic runs, it might be worth saying there are ascending runs which help increase or intensify the energetic character.


Overall, some good points and your use of point form is very clear. However, you need to go much further into the elements of music to have a thorough analysis of this work. Things worth mentioning more – articulation, dynamics, the use of accents, changes in tone colour, syncopation.