Mini Musicianship

Mini Musicianship

Lockdown 2020 and there’s not much of myself left after teaching my students and my class of Gillans at  home. Five minutes is all I’ve been able to manage to give to the outside world, but it seems to have been embraced! Here’s a list of Mini Musicianship sessions for those playing along at home. There’s also Mini Analysis videos for those of you with a more literary bent. These are released weekly via Facebook.

Let me know if there are any skills you would like practiced and also I would love to hear about your context!  I’ve heard from parents with kids, music teachers using them for themselves or as challenges for their classes, regular people wanting to increase their skills. I love seeing where these have gone!

Mini Musicianship 1 – d r m s & simple time clever echo

Mini Musicianship 2

Mini Musicianship 3  – d r m sing and clap I IV V Major

Mini Musicianship 4

Mini Musicianship 5