New Games for the Secondary Classroom: Blow the Man Down

New Games for the Secondary Classroom: Blow the Man Down


Blow the Man Down

Traditional Sea Shanty. Game by Jenny Gillan


Thank you again to my students at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School for their enthusiastic participation. Especially to the students from Orientation Week who came in especially. Also to colleagues Melinda Sawers and Sue Lyons and ex students Leighton and Jem for lending their expertise.  None of this would be possible without James Lauritz who filmed it all, donated his time and skill and was such an ease and pleasure to work with.  Thank you, James!




Teaching Purpose: Compound time                    fa and ti approached by skip & in a Major context.      Tim-ka ti

Formation: One circle with every second person partnered off.




Step to the pulse. Shake hands with your partner to the beat. As you do so pull past them to meet the next person coming towards you. Continue this until the lyric “Way hey”

On “Way hey” to quaver pulses

  1. Tap both thighs
  2. Clap
  3. Tap both partner’s hands


Return to shaking hand movement until “Give me some time” where you repeat the “Way Hey” Actions.




On “Give me some time” link arms with your partner and do a half turn so you are facing the opposite way. Then repeat “Way Hey” actions twice on the words “Blow the man down”