New Games for the Secondary School: Earth is Sleeping

New Games for the Secondary School: Earth is Sleeping

Earth is Sleeping

Rhythm Naming Game


Thank you again to my students at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School for their enthusiastic participation. Especially to the students from Orientation Week who came in especially. Also to colleagues Melinda Sawers and Sue Lyons and alumni Jem Sherwill and Leighton Triplow for lending their expertise.  None of this would be possible without James Lauritz who filmed it all, donated his time and skill and was such an ease and pleasure to work with.  Thank you, James!





Teaching Purpose: Triple – ta (Crotchet triplet)   Dorian Mode


Formation: Can be done seated or standing, in chairs or spread out around a room



Gradually add actions for rhythms from the melody.

  1. Sing ‘ti’ with a click
  2. Sing ‘ta’ with a clap
  3. Sing ‘tam’ with a stamp
  4. Sing ‘too’ placing both hands on head
  5. Sing ‘triple ta’ taping knees one hand at a time three times (one for each sound – tri-ple-ta)


You can sing the song five times, adding a new action cumulatively each time or add a few at a time. In the video we started with ta and ti-ti, then added tam and too and lastly an action for triple ta, only singing it three times with actions, singing it first with the words and completing the activity by singing the song with the words again. This ‘puts it back together’, which is an important step.




Use inner hearing.  Replace the action with the sound so instead of singing the time name for that sound, you exchange it for the action.