Oma and Opa’s Song Covers

Oma and Opa’s Song Covers

One of the best things about releasing the song I wrote for my parents – Oma and Opa’s song is seeing the versions people have done. Children, adults from young to old it’s been amazing. I’ve had a school in Queensland and a guitarist from Italy. I’ll share some of the ones I’ve found here.

Sheet music and backing track/recording are available for free download or by donation. I was overjoyed to see that a nursing home had downloaded the resources.

Thanks again to Rob, the wonderful guitarist/sound engineer who has also found his work disappear.

And for anyone wanting to support my brother whose business has been severely affected – These Days Coffee

Stay safe and thank you for your support.

Dario Giubileo from Italy did a beauitful version and also translated into Italian for me:

Il mondo è enorme e fa paura, ma io ti amo tantissimo.
Il mondo è davvero folle, e per ora non possiamo toccarci.
Ma l’amore è più grande del cielo e supera i disastri:
ti amo ora, per sempre e anche dopo che morirò.
Quindi abbracciati fortissimo e mi abbraccierò anch’io.
Ci sarà sempre un posto per te, non importa cosa combini.
Quindi abbracciati fortissimo e mi abbraccierò anch’io.
Farò finta che le mie braccia siano le tue e sappi che ti amo.

Thanks, all for making this time so truly special. I feel like I get to teach music in a whole new way when I see someone brush of an instrument they haven’t touched in an age or sight read when they haven’t in a long time.

My dear friend, Nina translated it into German and it has now been recorded in German by Theresa:

Die Welt ist groß und unheimlich, doch ich lieb dich so sehr
Sie ist verrückt, weshalb wir uns nicht mehr berühren können
Doch Liebe ist größer als das Chaos und weiter als der Himmel
Ich liebe dich für immer und über den Tod hinaus
Also umarme dich ganz fest und ich werd mich auch selbst umarmen Für dich gibt’s immer einen Platz, egal was auch passiert
Umarme dich ganz fest und ich werd mich auch selbst umarmen
Ich stell mir vor, meine Arme sind deine und weiß, ich hab dich lieb

Please let me know if you have versions you are willing to share!