Oma and Opa’s Song

Oma and Opa’s Song

Well it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. I’ve written a song, it went viral in a non-corona kinda way. I found a guitarist and someone who could record it (same guy actually!) and I arranged it for piano, did a chord chart etc. This has been my last two days:

The wonderful thing about it has been hearing other peoples’ versions of the song.  That’s what’s been truly heartwarming.  People getting out their instruments and singing for each other. As a music teacher, I feel as if I’m doing my job when I hear these.

If you’re going to do so please let me know and please share the link to my site in anything that is posted.

Click for Downloads – free for or by donation has:

  • piano score PDF
  • Chord chart PDF
  • Guitar backing track
  • Guitar and piano

Please respect my work and don’t share the music one to one, rather refer people to get their own copies from my site.

Since its humble beginnings, I’ve been interviewed and filmed.

SBS TV caught on to the song here

Then ABC TV did their version!

For those wanting to support Rob, the wonderful guitarist/sound engineer who has also found his work disappear.

For those wanting to support my brother and his coffee that may have to go to land fill after all the cafes have cancelled their orders here’s These Days Coffee or his Burnley Brewing Beer and pizza in Richmond

Stay safe and thank you for your support.